Match App Game logic flow

It would be useful to have a step by step flow diagram just to understand how you logically decided to do things. This would basically be a chronological s list of the comments put into the code. This would help with my future development as a coder when I don’t have a video lesson guiding me through the thought processes of app creation (sometimes the videos go quickly and I can understand most of it, but would never have come up with it on my own). Is there a way to generate this ourselves without rewatching the videos, or can you guys produce one?

I’d look into App Roadmap created by Chris, for what technologies you can use to build your own app ideas.

Honestly it all depends on you for the order you want to do things. You can do the UI first and then the back end logic (database things) or vise vera.

Chris typically does UI first because it’s easier for beginners to understand.

You can check out how I built a simple quiz app by going through my story highlights on my Instagram

I like the order he created it in. The logic of: [ I want to make a sound—>creating a sound group—>importing sounds—> creating instances of the sounds---->creating a player—>using the player as a function in the right part of the app] is the kind thing I was talking about ( sounds were pretty straight forward). There are other logical flows that were harder to follow, but made sense after a few views of the videos

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Yeah it really just takes some practice and exposure to figure out which way you should do things.

Everyone can code something differently and get the same result in the end. It’s really about exposing yourself to various methods of how things are done and forming your own opinion about how you want to do things.