Match app runs but wont flip cards

Everthing was fine until lesson 28 of Match App. The lesson were Chris shows how to configure the timer.

I guess I messed something up because now the cards wont flip when you run simulator I am not getting any errors. I have gone through the code that Chris used from the lesson i did find a few lines that i didnt quite have correct. But still nothing when i select any of the cards.

I re- watched the lesson where we set up the connection it appears to be connected but i honestly am not 100 percent certain.
Any suggestions as to how to get the card flipping corrected?
Thank you.

Post your code from ViewController. Sounds like a simple logic error to me so we might be able too identify it if you include your code.

In your reply type 3 back-ticks on a blank line and then on the next line paste your code. On the following blank line type 3 back-ticks.

Your code should format like this which makes it nice and easy to read.

import Foundation

class Card {
    var imageName = ""
    var isFlipped = false
    var isMatched = false

Thank you I was able to fix it by looking at the code. and re writing it.
Appreciate you assistance.