Match card game problem Lesson 4

I’m on lesson 4 of the match card game and have just created the CardCollectionViewCell.swift file but when I try and make the connection for the card 1 to the file by holding control and dragging into the file nothing happens. I can add it to the ViewController file but that’s it. Any suggestion on how to fix this problem?

You’ve missed the step where you need to add the custom class to the collectionView.

If you go back through the video you should see a step where Chris assigns the custom class.

I have gone slowly through the steps in Lesson 4 not 5 but haven’t noticed anything that I’ve missed but I’ll review the video slowly again. It’s entirely possible I missed something. :slight_smile: thank you!

it might be that the UI is a bit different, you should be using Xcode 11, Xcode 10 is fine but some features will be missing