Match Game Lesson 4

If anyone is familiar with the Match Game lesson tutorials I am having trouble with lesson 4. I followed every step perfectly, multiple times and still when I go to launch the app (just as Chris does and at the same level of progress) nothing happens. There are no errors or anything to give a clue as to why this is happening. the simulator will attempt to launch the app however the screen stays black. Is there something about the more recent updates of Xcode that is causing there to be discrepancies between what he is showing me and how it works now? I know there are a few things that are visually different however I do not know the relevance of these differences.

currently using Xcode 11.2.1

Hi @msho Matt,


One possibility off the top of my head is the placement of a background image.

If an opaque image or view is placed at the bottom of the list, it will cover everything above. Background items need to be placed at the top. See the pict of the highlighted background image.

If not that, post your code as we can talk a look.


Hey! Thanks for the reply,

I was able to find out that there are some differences in the AppDelegate.swift file and also there’s a new (or new to when the course was released) file called SceneDelegate.swift.

I must have made an incorrect change to one, or both, of these files because when I took a closer look at what was inside my AppDelegate.swift file it didn’t match what Chris had. So what I did was I deleted them and re added them back to the project. That did the trick and I was back on course.

I also noticed that the override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() function was not included in the ViewController.swift file upon starting a new project, however I’m not sure what its functionality is as it didn’t seem to have any effect on the app thus far. Regardless, to stay consistent with the course I just added it manually.

Thanks for the support!