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Michael's NBA App Journal

This isn’t much of a journal since I hadn’t posted any progress until the app was essentially finished, but here it is anyways.

The app is finished and seems to work as it should. It could use some more refinement in the UI. Since the season is over I decided to just uses the current day as 3 months in the past. When I tested it a few weeks ago it did seem to correctly display game as Final or Schduled @ some time. It seems pretty sluggish while scrolling, I assume that is because of the use of SVG images. I’m not sure yet if there is a way to improve the scrolling performance other than manually downloading and converting all of the images.

If I decide to further refine the app I think I would like to make it work properly with dark mode, and perhaps let the user choose specific dates rather than just today +/- 1.

Michael’s NBA app video preview

If anybody is interested in my approach, here’s a link to the source code. Criticisms welcome.

Source code

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Nice one :+1:t2:
From a user perspective I would add some text on the settings page so that you know what you’re choosing (your favorite team).
Else it really looks great :slight_smile: