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Missing argument for parameter

Whelp I really wanted to figure this out but I guess it’s an area in need of learning better… I don’t get what it’s trying to ask for… I


struct Weather: Codable, Identifiable, Hashable {
    let id = UUID()
    let error: Int
    let errorMessage: String
    let forecast: [Forecast]
    enum CodingKeys: String, CodingKey {
        case error
        case errorMessage = "error_message"
        case forecast

You need to create a Weather item and feed it into your RootView.

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So you mean like, sample data?

In your preview, you could use sample data but in the actual app code you would want to use real data, I would think.

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So I did something… now Xcode can’t make up its mind from a bunch of errors to just the 1 where it says the RootView’s 1 error.
I made the project public http://github.com/sourkraut1991/AFSpaceA

Here’s RootView’s complaints

And my Model

Ok so I’ve gotten rid of all errors, but, I had to comment out my TODO (on second image) and delete the **let** weather: Weather" that I had at the top.

In the 2nd pic, showing the RootView, you defined a weather variable but what you’re passing into the HomeView is a new weather object, is that what you intended to do??

Where do you want to create this weather object (variable)

The 1st pic of the HomeView you’re most likely missing a curly brace somewhere

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Hey Mikaela,

When taking a break and reading your words, I don’t know why I have so many constants of weather.

I think, I figured it out. However, I apparently chose a bad api to do this test with lol. only lets me do 10 queries a month!

I think I’ve fixed this though, by having my eyes woken from your observation, so thank you!
Now time to practice json with another api :man_facepalming:

Apple has WeatherKit that you could look into!

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They do, yes, I don’t remember why I opted not to… I’ll have to re-look at that. I’m assuming it’s due to how many queries were free.

Does apple have a currency type of SDK as well? Like, to see the dollar vs pound ratio. (Something I plan to google :smiley: )

I also need to get the developer program. I’ve had it in the past… like years ago… but If I ever want the full capacity of learning CloudKit for instance, or WeatherKit, I’ll need a paid account.

Back in the day, I made a app where I could browse web on half of the screen, and have a text editor on the other half ( for school was my train of thought) for writing notes. It was that next iOS where Apple released being able to split screen making my idea obsolete lol

No I don’t think so, not for like currency conversion. You can format currency, but not convert it without using an API

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