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Missing framework references in my Xcode project

The frameworks in this screenshot always seem to be missing. I’ve run a pod deintegrate to remove all of the pods and then another pod install and these frameworks keep showing back up in red.

Any thoughts as to what I can do to troubleshoot? I think this is causing some downstream errors when I try to build, for example: Command PhaseScriptExecution failed with a nonzero exit code.

After you install Pods, make sure that you open the project using the .xcworkspace file rather the the .xcodeproj file.

Hi Chris, I have only been opening the .xcworkspace file.

Try cleaning the build folder.
From the Xcode menu choose Product > Clean Build Folder OR use the keyboard shortcut combination Shift + Command + K.
Then build the project. Command + B

I tried that as well and nothing changed. The references were still missing.

Pod deintegrate doesn’t fully remove Cocoapods, I believe there’s some other steps you need to do to fully remove them from the project.

Look into updating Cocoapods on your computer to make sure you have the latest version and update the different pods themselves

I have the same problem. Do you solve it?