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Mod 2 - Lesson 16 Wrap Up Challenge

Hello Chris & Community,
I cannot for the life of me figure out why the primary content view for the module 2, lesson 16 wrap challenge is blank. I did mine a little differently than the solution but still can’t get it to work after looking at the solution and making changes… Any ideas?

Here is the zipped Xcode project…

One of your model properties is defined as mainQuote but your corresponding json data key is main_quote.

You can either change all of your references in your json file to mainQuote or make use of CodingKeys in your model in order to translate that json key to the corresponding model property.

Just a suggestion if I may. You should make use of the code re-indenting facility that Xcode offers. Select all your code and then use the keyboard shortcut Control + I. Instead of your code looking like this:

After re-indenting it will look like this:

Thank you so much! Great tip about the re-indenting too.

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