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Module 2 lesson 2 challenge too much?

So after completing the 14 day challenge pretty thoroughly and doing everything myself without looking at the solution, going into the next module (module 2 lesson 2), it seemed to have jumped really really fast and I was completely lost. I am wondering if this was normal for anyone else? Perhaps because I took a weekend break after 14day challenge (module 1)

Hi @wutodouble

There have been a few other people who have made a comment similar to your sentiments though the numbers are small compared to the number of users registered on this forum (6,600 or more).

When I first started learning Xcode and iOS it was a struggle and I am sure that Chris Ching would say the same.

I would encourage you to stick with the course. It’s OK to have a look at the solution if you can’t figure it out.

i suggest running through the module first, take a step back, and try to process how it all worked out it in end… and maybe try repeating the module again to see if it made a difference on your learning

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I understand you very well. I’ve tried to solve this challenge without looking at solution, but failed. At some point I needed ideas. Module 1 was clear for me, I understood and learned every lesson but failed to implement that knowledge into M2L2 challenge. Maybe it comes with practice, also walking through a solution code helps to understand logic.


I too found module 2 lesson 2 of iOS fundamentals quite difficult. I feel that the transition from module 1 to module 2 could be much smoother. I understand I could look at the solution provided by Chris, but for me personally, when I look at the solution I often don’t learn when the code is supposed to be used, where exactly to put it, and most importantly, why. The subsequent lessons since that challenge haven’t been any easier.

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agreed. getting to the final challenge of M2, I found myself copy and pasting a lot from Recipe App.

I agree it was very difficult for me. However it ended up being an incredible learning experience. I decided to print the challenge list, print the contentview from the challenge, and print a screenshot of the UI. I re-watched the video and then I started mapping everything from the challenge list to the code and ultimately it really helped me better understand. I’m still new and learning and hated this challenge to start but just slowed down and figured I could learn from it, which I did.

btw module 4 becomes alot more learning friendly