Module 3 Wrap Up: Sheet View Question

Hello! I’m on the Module 3 wrap up challenge (Journal App). I’ve provided a link to a .zip file of my code below. My question: in the JournalView, I am adding my JournalEntryItem view in order to transition to the JournalEntryItem sheet view from the JournalView screen when the button is pressed. However, XCode returns the following error:

Missing arguments for parameters ‘journalEntrySubject’, ‘journalEntryText’ in call.

Why would I need to pass this information in, if it’s included in that view? I don’t know why this is confusing me, as I’m sure this is a very basic process, it just eludes me. I’m open to someone explaining this to me like I’m 5. Thanks!

Hi Brandon,

The GitHub link you have provided does not contain a valid Xcode project. All you have provided is a single file named Journal.xcodeproj

A complete Xcode project contains a number of Files and folders all of which work together to make a project.

Take a look at this screenshot of an example of a very basic newly created project showing it’s structure on disk.

The project name is ExampleProject and when created has a root folder of the same name. Inside that folder you have the ExampleProject.xcodeproj file and a Folder named the same in which reside your Views, Project Entry point (ExampleProjectApp.swift), Assets folder and a PreviewContent folder.

When you want to share a project you need to compress it at the Root Folder level so that all of the Project Items are included in the zip archive file.