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Monetization of an app and Ad Mob problems


I have submitted my first app to the App Store. Now how to monetize the app and to add the ads there in the ad banner in the app? In the ad banner there’s no ads. Also when I click to “Add”(добавить- in Russian) button I cannot add there anything because the Ad Mob account doesn’t find my app and tells me that if I published my app not far ago I have to try this again later.

theres an old video about admob but some things may have changed so check documentation for any changes, should be a good guide though

I made this all, implemented the ad banner and set the ids’. But now in my app there’s no any ad shown. I didn’t get any messages from ad mob account that my ad mob account is blocked or the like. That’s why I don’t understand what’s happening. Can it be because my app was submitted in AppStore only a day ago?

you might need to ask google support to know why it was blocked