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Hi folks,

I thought I would share some great news. My first app (Learn Animals) has just been approved by Apple and is now on the App Store. I only began learning how to code approximately 4 months ago with no prior coding background. Thanks to Chris’ Foundations course (amongst other CWC courses), I have become more confident in my coding, knowledge and practical skills, which have allowed me to build this app from concept right through to submission to the App Store.

I would love to hear what others think about the app (linked below). What a journey it has been so far and a journey no doubt that will continue with lots more learning and practise. For those starting off, I hope this is motivation, as I started learning with CWC without knowing any coding. It will at times feel challenging and some days you will feel like just giving up, but with perseverance you can overcome any stumbling block. In fact, I found myself for days thinking about how to implement specific frameworks (e.g., Apple’s ATT framework) and learned that support can be found all across the web!

I will continue using this journal to post more entries on updates to the app and future projects.

Thank you again Chris and the rest of the team. Your content and efforts quite clearly make a material difference to developers just starting off. Keep it up!

Mo Rahman


Congratulations,which database are you using?

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love hearing this Mo!

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