Multi platform app


I am experimenting with a multiplatform app with core data and iCloud shared between iOS and macOS. Both targets are pointing to the same cloudkit container, both targets have the required capabilities.

I get iCloud sync to work between a physical iphone and iPad. When I compile and run the Mac version it doesn’t sync to iCloud.

I have tried the same with SwiftData and cloudkit and getting the same result.

What am I missing on the capabilities to get the macOS version to sync with the two physical devices? I have a feeling something else has to be added to get this to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


I personally don’t have any experience with CloudKit but Stewart Lynch does and he has a video covering CloudKit with SwiftData so take a look at this just to see if there is anything in the video that may help.

Hi Cris,

Thank you for the link.
I have figured out the issue, and it was down to something really stupid. I had to create a 2nd profile on my Mac using my developer account to actually run the Mac version of the app.

As I said, it was down to something really stupid.

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