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Multiple app page

I want to create a app with a home page, game page, and instructions page do I have to use storyboard or swift UI?

You could use either but to be honest, SwiftUI would be a better choice in the long run.

I’m trying to search a YouTube video on how to do this any resources you know?
@Chris_Parker thanks bro.

What kind of a game do you have in mind?

Card game basically it’s some simple but i just want a page that show when u first download the app then a play game button that go to the actual game screen where I’ll be playing the game

I’m just referring to how to do multiple pages for SwiftUI since i never done that

Have you considered subscribing to CWC+? learn.codewithchris.com

There are quite a few courses that have multiple pages so you would learn how to do that.

Can’t afford it bro…

Look up navigation link, but also there’s many free courses that show how to make an iOS app that have multiple screens

Thanks bro and can you name the courses?

You should watch this series first to understand the basics of SwiftUI

But also I’d recommend this series by Paul Hudson that goes into the basics of Swift and much further into SwiftUI

But if you only want to learn navigation, see this post