My app; FamilyMeet app

I shared my experience with the CWC crew and thought it would be encouraging to share with the community too!

Some background; I’m a full time physician, and work in the critical care unit; caring for extremely sick patients. I had ZERO coding knowledge in any language. I wanted something help take my mind off work, off the stress, and be able to have my mind completely not medical related. I found refuge in these courses and I would enjoy listening and coding along the videos.

I signed up around July 2022 for the courses. After a few months, I was able to use that knowledge and coded a handful of personal applications. I was encouraged and one of the apps I just recently published on the App Store; FamilyMeet. I used all what I learned and researched adding more features (calling, video calling, sharing data, intents, sharelinks…) and put them all in this app. This app is mainly for my own personal and family use to keep everything in once place, chat privately, calendar, calls, todo, groceries… and I ended up adding a medical diagnostic tool into the app (I always get questions about common conditions and thought it would be nice to add into the application)

I’m not sure if it will be successful or fail on the App Store, but for me it’s a huge success to start from scratch, learn a language, code an app, and successfully (after many attempts) have it on the App Store. Now my 8 year old saw me learn and code. He did the first course and coded the cards game!!!

(Here is a link if you wanted to check it out and give any feedback!!)

‎FamilyMeet on the App Store


Oh wow that is a LOT of features, that’s impressive!! Curious to know how you handled video calling. Are you leveraging FaceTime?

Is the medical diagnostic tool like a series of MCQs that people answer to get a result, or is it a system to communicate with you about symptoms?

Oh I love that so much. The Cards game is not an easy challenge, you’re raising a really smart 8-year old you must be so proud!!! My little sisters are the same age, I hope to inspire them to try too one day

Also I wish I could download your app to try it but it’s not available on the French App Store :frowning:

Thank you so much for sharing, love your story :slight_smile:

Thanks! So I didn’t add France because of being a bit lazy, I need to have some specific consents and policies to add an app in France. I’ll definitely work on it and add it soon!!

For the calling, this part took me a good couple of months, and I searched so many different options. I found Agora (it’s a third party video and voice calling) somewhat easy to add. But it took a long time to figure out how to get tokens and verify each video call that is made. Then it took a long time to figure out how to integrate calling into Apples CallKit framework. It’s not simple, and until now I’m not sure I have it 100% correct, but it works great for what I want to achieve. On that note, Apple asks to add CallKit into all calls; but CallKit for some reason is banned in China … so China is another country that I don’t have the app in…

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The medical part, you fill information; gender, age, duration of symptoms, and then add all possible symptoms. On the backend I have hundreds of conditions that I searched and added values for each symptom, age, duration…this is in an excel sheet that I update and convert to JSON file to use in the app.

So when you enter the information, it calculates for each condition a score (how likely to have that condition) by adding all the points, and then sorts based on the highest score first…

There is some other logic that helps narrow down some conditions.

If you want to know more, I would be happy to explain

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Congratulations. There’s a lot of features in that App so there is something for everyone.

That must have been a ton of work to research, setup the JSON and all the different logic paths! But the feature sounds super useful. I’d be curious to try feeding the app a bunch of symptoms to see what the possible results could be. I’m also curious how you designed the UI/UX for inputting symptoms, that must be a tricky problem to solve and optimize since I assume there must be many different inputs.

When the app is available in France, please hit me up or update your journal here, would love to try it!

Can you check now if App is available? I added France.

I have a subscription plan, I can try figuring out how to waive that fee so that you check it out without paying. It took me a while to figure out adding payments. I did Chris’ course on RevenueCat and added that to the app!! I’m pretty sure there is a way to waive the fee and I will look into it if you are interested

It’s available!! I just downloaded it. Unfortunately, I was stuck in the phone number OTP with my Vietnamese number (French App Store, Viet number… I’m sorry to make things so difficult haha :sweat_smile:)

But the app was looking really well made up to that point!!

oh … That’s the difficulty when having different countries and different phone numbers… can you help me out? seems its a bug, and I would like to figure out what the issue is to fix it. Where does it stop? can you send a screenshot where it gets stuck and maybe send me your number (or maybe a fake number similar to yours if you don’t want to share) so that I can test it out. Can send info privately too ( ), or maybe this discussion might help others too. thanks!

Of course, happy to help, e-mailing you now!
We can handle this privately and if we find out anything interesting you can always post about it here again.

Sidenote: “FamilyMeet” is an instant find on the AppStore, but “Family Meet” is rather low in rankings.
I assume it’s normal since it’s new, but it’s probably something to work on. When you’re out in the world talking about your app called “FamilyMeet”, people might write it with a space too when searching for it.

A quick keywords lookup on mobile action’s ASO tool brought this up:

Is “zues” in case people mistype your company name?
Did you also include “Family” and “Meet” in your keywords? (I probably don’t have the full keywords list cause I don’t have the pro version of ASO tools yet)

Happy for you.