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My App Needs Help!


Thank you for reading this. Perhaps, you can help me with my next stage of app development or at least point me in the right direction. You would be proud of what I have accomplished. I wrote an app after the foundation course. I am interested in getting the app into the App Store. I have few questions.

  1. how to integrate login with my app — do I need to use fire base or database software?

  2. I need to have launch screen and onboard screen to meet requirement of Apple. I can do it myself. Do you have a team that can help me?

  3. I need to get patented with some of the algorithm. I have a phone meeting with a lawyer on 1/26. Does anyone have any idea to best proceed or have gone through a similar experience?

  4. I would like to design the same program for android. What is a good way to write the app for android phones and devices?

Thanks, any comment or suggestion is much appreciated. I would like to expedite the process.

Louis Lee