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My coding adventure - installment 2

Well, I am getting along pretty well in IOS Foundations Swift UI.

My biggest frustration is that I have a hard time with the challenges because Xcode will not always accept the code that Chris has in his solutions. I am always about 90% correct in my attempts on the challenges. There always seems to be one part I can’t get. Then I look at the solution and add the appropriate code only to get an error that shuts everything down so I can’t see if the rest of my code would work or not.

Sigh,… coding can be so much fun and then so frustrating. However, I refuse to give up. I believe I can learn this and am getting better at figuring out my errors. Now if only Xcode would be more specific about what it wants. If Only…

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Learning to read errors is part of programming! :slight_smile:

Be sure to let us know if you download Chris’ solution and it doesn’t work, every time there’s an update to Xcode there’s the potential for something to break

I appreciate the encouragement I get from this community. Thanks, Micaela,

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