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My First App! Anger Management

Hello - I have recently completed Code with Chris - iOS Foundations and iOS Database courses. My goal now is to start working on my own app.

So far, I have completed the following:

  1. High Level Storyboard of the app in Figma (i.e., downloaded the free copy)

  2. After I had my High Level Storybard, I was not sure exactly how to start building; therefore, I used the Learning App covered in iOS Foundations Course (Module 5) has my template. Below are the steps I am following:

Step 0 - Project Step - iOS Foundations - Module 5 - Lesson 2
a) For my app, I created a View Hierarchy and User Navigation for my screens; similar to what is shown in Module 5 - Lesson 2

Step 1 - Create the JSON File - iOS Foundations - Module 2 - Lesson 11 - Talks about how to create a JSON file.
a) For my app, I am going to use a JSON file. For now, I have locally created it but will put it on a remote server once I get the functionally of my app working

Step 2 - Create the Data Model - iOS Foundations - Module 5 - Lesson 3
a) Created my data models based on my JSON File

Step 3 - Create the ViewModel - iOS Foundations - Module 5 - Lesson 3
a) I created the ViewModel (i.e., ContentModel.swift) and parsed the JSON file into my model structs

Step 4 - Create the Views
a) This is the step I am currently working on

Thank you CWC community for helping me throughout my course journey.



Sounds good! You’re off to a great start :clap: What’s your app about? :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @ajeas. It is about how to manage anger in the day to day living.



Awesome!:clap: Definitely keep us posted on your progress :ok_hand::grin: