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My first app! Currency Converter

Hello everyone! I’m happy to announce my first app has been approved for the App Store!
Please take a minute and download (free) it and check it out!

Thank you all for a great community to go to when I needed support!


Congrats on the release Tim!! I like the app icon

Hello Tim,

This looks fantastic! Can you share where you did make such cool images for the App Store?

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Thank you! I did some user research and iterated across several ideas before landing on this design.


I did mine through Photoshop. There are paid software out there that you can do it through though. Going through Photoshop took more time, but I didn’t have the funds to pay for convenience. :grinning:
Glad you like it!

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Well done and congratulations . I just downloaded it and it works great. I tried to leave a message but sadly (l learnt something) that l can’t review an app while running a beta version of OS…! Anyhow…I will leave a message later. You’ve inspired me to keep battling along.! :pray::pray::grin::grin:

Thank you so much for the support!!