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My first app was accepted today on the app store

From submission to approval the process lasted less than 4 hours!!! I’m really happy on my first app on the store.

This is the link. I’m not sure if it is available for download yet.

Obviously a huge thanks to this site that has helped me a lot with SWiftUI and it is still helping me improve my code and my design ideas.

To the whole team codewithchris.com my gratitude.
Clive Rudd


Congrats Clive!! That’s great!

Many thanks!


Congratulations!!! I’m working in my first project and can’t wait to see it in the App Store. I’m a drone pilot and the METAR and TAF info looks great. Keep the good working

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Good luck with your project. Be patient and perseverant and you will have it there!




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Sweet! Congrats @drclive :tada:

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Hey great job @drclive! How was the process to get the app from start to finish onto the App Store? How long did it take you to learn Swift and do all of this?

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Swift was about 3 months part-time as I’m a Jet Pilot part-time. Once I cleaned my code and prepared the app for the app store the process took 5 hours from submitting to getting published.


Many thanks!

Nice Job… Congratulations…