My Journey: from Zero to First Job

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a good day!
Finally, I’ve decided to start my own journal. I’ve been studying iOS programming for about 7 months now. I’m also working full-time, so I study in the evenings mostly. I’ve already completed UIKit Foundations and most of iOS Databases (I need to explore CoreData and Realm).
However, I still struggle with building my portfolio, it feels so complicated to build an app from scratch! So I try to practice a lot. I’ve already built and committed a simple project to GitHub (not without some roadblocks presented by Firebase) and attached the link to my CV.

My ultimate goal is to land a job as a junior iOS developer by summer. And also, to find a decent idea and launch some useful app (maybe even to make it to the AppStore).

Also, I’d like to thank Chris for such amazing courses! Very suitable for beginner like me, I really started to see the light in the end of the tunnel! :slightly_smiling_face:


All the best Yulia. Lot’s of people here to help out if you get stuck. Sometimes Chris Ching makes an appearance here but he is generally very busy creating content for the courses that are planned. The rest of us just enjoy helping out in whatever way we can.


Hi Yulia,
I hope you are on your way to land a job as a junior iOS developer. I have a suggestion that you might want to take in the interest of time (to help you save a little bit of some time). I feel like you should skip the Realm training for the time being until Chris Ching has updated the Realm Training. So do module 5 and module 6 in the Database courses and move on to some of the One-Day Builds.

What’s funny about the first paragraph you wrote is that yesterday, I finished the Database course and got started on some of the One-Day Builds haha.

If you’re going to do the One-Day Builds, I feel like you should start out with some of the simpler one day builds like the Sound Recorder or Calculator before cutting your teeth on some of the more advanced One-Day Builds like the YouTube App and the Full Stack Notes.

Cheers and good luck!


Hi guys and thank you for your input and advice! Definitely will do the CoreData modules and try to build something.
At the moment though I am learning the basics of the programmatic UI, as most employers (at least in my country) require at least XIBs or fully programmatic UI. So if I get invited to an interview, I could do at least some simple view programmatically (and answer questions).

Then I intend to continue with databases and one-day builds :slightly_smiling_face:

I also feel that I should build something for my portfolio (something neat and feasible, with nice and clean code), looking for ideas :roll_eyes:

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One thing I would like to mention about Programmatic UI is that if you are going to build a grid-style layout like the iOS Calculator grid-style layout. It is not impossible, there is quite a bit to it and you might get lost. If you want to build a UI programmatically, take a look at what kind of layout you want to make and see the best option (Storyboard or Programmatic UI) to build the UI. But if you want to build a grid-style layout programmatically, then by all means go for it!

Good luck with iOS Programming and getting that job, cheers!

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Hey there, much going on! :slightly_smiling_face:
I started watching the CoreBase module, and also read some articles about app architecture.
Moreover, I applied for some positions, and received an answer and even made a test app for them. It is not perfect, but I sent it anyways. It was a great experience :grinning:


Also, which country do you live in?
I live in California.

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I am glad that the job application went well. I hope you really get the job that you have your heart set on!

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Did you have to come up with your own idea on the spot, have some ideas ready, or use something you already did before?

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I live in Russia.
Actually. there aren’t many Junior jobs here… mostly middle.
Thanks for your support! I’m not sure if I’ll get it, still, my goal is to try and go to some interviews and practice :slightly_smiling_face: I think passing all those interviews is a separate skill :roll_eyes:

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It was a take home project (quite complicated I’d say), they sent the requirements as a reply to my application. It’s all mostly online now due to corona…

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