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My (seemingly) never-ending journey!

Hi Everyone,

Im Dan!

Im just over 40 now and ive been trying to get various Swift journeys completed, still havent achieved it!

Life gets in the way of alot of downtime and there is always something to be doing, other than learning new things to change career paths.

Thats been my downfall as i can never seem to get enough free time to really put a lot of effort into my own coding journey.

Im determined to crack it this time (child is now older!) and am going to be a late night coder each and everynight.

Im actually already on Lesson 10 as i do know quite a few of the basics but the videos / quizzes / challenges are really whetting my appetite for it again!

My goal initially is to get an app out there, but id really like a solid knowledge of Swift.

So, here i go again, wish me luck :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community!!

Finding time is always difficult, but you can do it!!

Feel free to always post questions here

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Hi Mikaela!

Thanks for responding and the positivity, i appreciate it!