My Swift Jouney acceleration!

Hello everyone.
I have been learning along with the CWC+ program here. This was only the beginning.
I wasn’t sure I was getting the material at the right pace. I felt like I wasn’t progressing fast as I wanted to
I joined the forums. I noticed they have a mentorship program. I applied for a mentor a few weeks ago. I also started reading as much as I could about Swift online. I found
I still don’t know what I’m doing to well. I downloaded soloLearn for iOS and have a pro membership. I been tinkering with as much swift as I can.
I checked out the apple developers website and found that apple has created grant programs for colleges in Michigan and Miami.

I found my way to the Miami-Dade college website for the Apple sponsored Swift program. I submitted my interest application not thinking to much of it at the time becuase I was not ever a Student there.

Well after putting all this effort and interests across the internet; thing started happening for me!

I am excited to share my good news:

First I’ve recieved word that I have been paired with a Swift mentor for this years Swift MentorShip Program. I am beside myself with excitement. I value education provided through mentorships because with out menorship in my life I would not have the success I already have in life. I had a mentor in my early career, that taught me how to be a hemodialysis biomedical technician. I’ve been doing that ever since. Its given me a way to make a living. I am forever grateful to that mentor, and we still keep in touch, I am his legacy.

My new Swift mentor is a manager of the Swift Language at apple! We have begun communicating via email. We begin an official cohort that will run for 12 weeks starting July 31st

Second and this one is insane:

I’m in Florida and Miami-Dade College just called me. I expressed interest in their Swift / iOS developer classes a few months ago. Turns out Apple will be covering all costs of tuition, books and transportation and will also cover Swift certification exam!!! I could cry; im so happy and blessed. Class starts Aug. 21st in person.
I’m still in shock becuase this is a huge opportunity. I never believed I would have so many resources just pop out of the woodwork! All this began after joining the CWC+ community and starting to desire as much Swift Knowledge as I could get.
I felt discouraged at the start; becuause many times working the CWC+ courses I would get many things wrong or couldn’t complete the challenges on my own with out reaching out to the code crew for hints or outright answers to why my code isn’t working.

If you’re staring out with Swift with no prior code experience; Chris is right it doesn’t all make sense at first, but keep at it. Keep practicing, keep reading about Swift. Join reddits, this community, the swift community and keep sharing that you’re interested in learning more.

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Happy to hear you got accepted to the mentorship program! That’s awesome!!

Also if you want to chat with other iOS devs join it’s a monthly online meet up for iOS devs! Anyone is welcome to join, no matter your skill level!

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Thank you so much for sharing your story! As someone who has just recently started on this journey I found your post to be extremely motivating and a good reminder to keep looking when I feel lost.