NASA API and Photo download

I was writing a practice app using the NASA website/API and am attempting to download and view various existing photos (i.e. Mars Rover photos from the NASA site). I can get to site successfully (using the API and my key) but my app crashes in attempting to download/view the photos. I have tried various approaches JSON formats, different coding approaches, etc. but have been unsuccessful so far.

Has anyone successfully done this and would you mind sharing your approach.

Thanks in advance

Post the code that you’ve written thus far to download the image and let’s see if we can get it to work.

First, I appreciated the assistance with this, it should be much easier but I seem to be making difficult. I am upload a compressed file(s) of the simple version of my effort. I have a much more in-depth version, but it has been changed so much I thought it would be better with this simple version. I can verify the website is being queried (on Proxyman and by putting on the web browser). Also, I used Ducky app to format/pars the data, I also used other formatters and received the same data results.

I am attempting to attach a compressed file or code and support material but having a bit of trouble. Any suggestions?


Unfortunately you cannot post a compressed (zip) file as an attachment to a post here. You can only add images.

The easiest thing to do is to upload that compressed file to Google Drive or Dropbox and create a share link which you can paste in a reply here.

If you choose to use Google Drive then when you create the Share link, ensure that the “General Access” option is set to “Anyone with the Link” rather than “Restricted”.