NavBar not Showing on View

Hi everyone,

I have created a table view View Controller with an ‘Add’ button that allows users to add to the table view. When I set this view controller as the initial view controller, there are no issues, but when I set the login/signup screen as the initial view controller (which will be the case), the navbar on the table view VC doesn’t show.
Is there a reason for this?
I currently move between the login screen to the table view controller programmatically - could this be the issue?

Any help would be great.


Hi Rebekah,

I don’t think it’s cause you move programmatically.

Check if your navigation controller (going towards your table view controller has “Shows Navigation Bar” checked.

  1. Click on the navigation controller
  2. Go to attributes inspector
  3. Under navigation controller make sure “Show Navigation Bar” is checked

Yup, it’s checked! I tried deleting the view controller and recreating it and the same issue is still there…is there a better way to move from the login VC to the ServicesVC to keeping the navbar? :slight_smile:

So I’ve done a bit more googling and it seems the cause is something about navbars not showing in UITableViewControllers, which is what the Services View Controller is, if it’s not set to initialVC. Would anyone have any ideas how to solve this? I’m a bit stuck!

Just use a regular view controller and put a table view inside of it

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