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Navigation Link: Execute Code Before Transition


I Have 2 Views
View1 displays View 2 using navigation link
View1 pass a local array to View2 to be displayed

Upon Clicking Navigation Link
I need to populate the local array by fetching data from core data
the FetchPredicate (filter) depends on selection made in View 1

I manage to execute a fetch a procedure upon end of tap gesture using the following code:

NavigationLink {
                        TestCardView(words: wordsToCardView)
                        } label: {
                            Text("Flash Card")
                        }.disabled(dB.collections.count <= 0 || dB.words.count <= 0 ? true : false)
                        .simultaneousGesture(TapGesture().onEnded({ _ in
                            if(memoType == .Collection)
                            { // populate wordsToCardView by fetching data from CoreData
                                wordsToCardView = dB.generateFlashQuiz(wc: settings.iCardNount, collection: dB.collections[memoCllectSelectIdx], filterHidden: settings.bBypassHidden)
                            } // TODO: add else if for other selection
                            else {
                                wordsToCardView = []

the problem now is:
The view transition happens before the fetch procedure finish
so when it display View2 the data is not yet updated

I tried to search from google, there seem to be isActive flag for NavigationLink which can sync the procedure end and the destination view display
but upon testing, it is no longer working and also deprecated

I could imagine how it was used to be done
If Tag and Selector is available, perhaps I can make the NavigationLink Hidden
Then I will create a button that will execute the fetch proc and finally toggle the selector

but currently is deprecated and can’t find alternative at this moment

I think I got solution from here:

using fullscreen cover