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NavigationSplitView with >60 individual Views

Hi guys,

I am getting stuck with the NavigationSplitView.
I am going to have more than 60 individual Views, I can’t just pass in some variables in the “Detail Section”. Because the documents are individually made at the end I want them to be linked to each individual view. How can I tell swift in the “detail section” with a Navigation link how to get to "Document1() View or Document2() View ?

Thank you for any hints… :slight_smile:

import SwiftUI

enum Chapter: String, Hashable, CaseIterable {

case chapter1 = "Chapter 1"
case chapter2 = "Chapter 2"
case chapter3 = "Chapter 3"
case chapter4 = "Chapter 4"


struct Document: Hashable {

let name: String
let chapter: Chapter


struct MasterView: View {

let documents = [Document(name: "Document1", chapter: .chapter1),
                 Document(name: "Document2", chapter: .chapter1),
                 Document(name: "Document3", chapter: .chapter2),
                 Document(name: "Document4", chapter: .chapter3),
                 Document(name: "Document5", chapter: .chapter4)]

@State private var selectedChapter: Chapter?
@State private var selectedDocument: Document?

var body: some View {
    NavigationSplitView {
        List(Chapter.allCases, id: \.self, selection: $selectedChapter) { chapter in
            NavigationLink(chapter.rawValue, value: chapter)
    } content: {
        let filteredDocument = documents.filter { $0.chapter == selectedChapter }
        List(filteredDocument, id: \.name, selection:  $selectedDocument) { document in
            NavigationLink(document.name, value: document)
    } detail: {
        NavigationLink(selectedDocument.name: "Document1", value: Document1())  //error
        NavigationLink(selectedDocument.name: "Document2", value: Document2()) // error here I want to pass in individual links to each View


struct MasterView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
static var previews: some View {

Hey there! So I reference many things, but here’s a couple:


They’re super handy to have, and think would help you with your quest :slight_smile: