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NBA Stats App - Community App Challenge

Hey guys,

This is my first community app challenge and I am very excited. I have built most of the app and it is just a clone of the solution. I didn’t get very creative with my own styling or anything like that since this is my first app build and I wanted to see if I could build it in a timely manner.

I did finish with most of the build in about 8 days, which I am very happy about. I had a tough time with a couple of things. First was the SVG images. Had no idea how to get them rendered. Had to do a lot of searching, reading, and testing with trial and error. Eventually figured it out thru trial and error and the help of @President_Raindas

I did find a bug while testing the deployment on my phone. As I was using the app on my phone, my phone went into night/dark mode and I hadn’t coded or even thought about night mode, so I will start looking into that next week.


Nice job Darrick!

It’s okay to not get creative at the beginning :slight_smile:

@givemedarock08 Glad my trial and error helped out. And nice job on completing the challenge in 8 days! Also, the night mode thing isn’t a bug, it’s by default. Unless you specify a background colour or how things should be rendered when in night mode, it’ll just take up the default settings. I hope you get what I mean.

@President_Raindas yes I def. get what you mean. For some reason the default settings didn’t render properly on my phone. The text didn’t show up properly on the screens where the Rectangle Card was set to white. Will get working on this on Monday.

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Okay, if you encounter further issues while working on it, you can share it here and we’ll look at it together.

Thank you @mikaelacaron! I appreciate the support

I figured out how to get everything rendering properly on Dark Mode. Thanks for the support!

I finished my project today and uploaded the video to videopeel. I didn’t do a great job documenting the process as I totally forgot to start a journal. I had a really fun time with this project. Being that it was my first “solo” iOS project, I had a slightly tough time with some tasks like rendering an SVG and resizing it to fit and look how I wanted. I think that was the trickiest thing for me. I felt really slow working with the Swift API’s since I don’t have much experience. However, I’m really looking forward to the next project to see if I can be a little more efficient building swift projects. Overall, I feel accomplished and happy to have finished my first community app challenge!


You can also do any of the past challenges!
You just won’t get the chance to have them in the video at the end of the month (because they already happened, or course)

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Glad you completed the challenge! Trust me, by the time you complete your next app, you won’t feel as slow as you do now.

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