Need help getting adjusted to the new Xcode

Hello, I’m starting over with the 29 day beginner challenge to review stuff, and I’m on the MatchApp. I need help getting adjusted to the new Xcode. In Chris’s video, the Card Text is green, while mine is purple. Also it seems that Xcode doesn’t throw errors anymore??? I wrote something that is totally incorrect, passing a boolean value as a string value, and it doesn’t throw an error??? I really need help with the new Xcode. All help would be appreciated.

You didn’t pass a Bool as a String, though.

var string:string = false

The type should be String, with a capital S. string with a lowercase s isn’t a Swift String.

The text Card is purple in your code because it is not a type defined in your project. If you add this code before the CardModel class, then Card will turn green because it is a defined type.

struct Card {
    //and then, of course, you would fill it in

As for why no errors are showing, do you have Show live errors checked in Xcode’s general preferences?

I fixed it. Thanks a lot!