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Need some advice with app

hello everyone.
I hope you all doing well,
I need some advice, I am working on app and facing some issues,
I am using swiftUI and Mapkit/ successfully located user location and everything is ok, but I need a method that the user when he tap on the pin that shows on the map of his location can send his location as a link url … any advice please …
thank you alot

So you want to tap on the pin and send the location?
Or tap on the pin, the map should already be showing the user’s location?? I’m confused by this part, and then send the location?

Make an action when you tap on the pin and then start looking into the share sheet to share that location somehow

there should be events in the MapKit that you can override to handle a “click” or pin on the map… this should give you the coordinates of where the user clicked… once thats done it should be easy enough to save that value and use it somewhere or send it to a URL using alamofire or something

thank you for your reply … what I mean that the user can send his location as a link to his friends or family or any phone number in a message, and he can get the link by tapping on the bin or a button to get the value as a link so he can send it …
4 parts inside the app

1- login by email … done
2- conect the contact directly to the map … done
3- can send a message to any number… don
4- located the location… done but missing the way to get the link so the user can send it to any number by a message

sorry if the first post was not clear…

thank you first of all…
I have the coordinate and it’s snowing on the screen for the user also . the issue is how to get the latitude and the longitude as a link so the user can send it to any phone number in his contact.

the coordinate is already the latitude and longitude… so just get those data and save it into a variable somewhere…

as for sending an sms or something like sharesheet check out our UIKit Bento box it should give you a general idea on how to do those stuff iOS Bento (UIKit)

save it as var and then set a button can print the link to the screen and the link should contain the coordinate so the user can use it … am I right?
thank you all for the help.