Need your help Swift table view and Sqlite

Hello I am beginner to IOS development and i am making an app. I have created a table view and add four labels inside the cell and am passing through arrays to each label . I have enabled multiple row selection . What i want to do is show the selected rows on the next screen . I have been stuck on this for a week now and i have to deliver at work .
Kindly help

Have you added the tableView function didSelectRowAt ie:

func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, didDeselectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
// Your code goes here.

Thanks i will try that function

You will need that as a means to trigger showing the details of the invoice. It’s not simple since you will have to configure your destination View Controller to take parameters with respect to the row you have selected and that requires a bit of setup in the parent View Controller as well before you present the destination View Controller.

When you said, in your original post, that you enabled multiple row selection, what was the reasoning behind that? Are you wanting to select multiple invoices simultaneously? I’ve no idea how you would implement that but it you select one invoice at a time, then that is straight forward.

The reason why i implemented multiple selection is because i want to add the feature that the customer can select many invoice payments and pay them once .
Is that possible?
To select many rows and display them to the next screen and make the payment

If you have set:

tableView.allowsMultipleSelection = true?

then the question is, how do you store each invoice number? Maybe you have to setup a button to trigger preparing an array to store invoice numbers in and as you select each row, you append the invoice numbers to the array and once you have selected all the invoices, tap a button to pass that to the payment screen. Don’t know. Just thinking aloud.

That is why i am stuck . I have enabled the multiple selection and when the button is clicked it is only showing the first row that i clicked . Is it possible to store the selected rows in a database and retrieve it later and if there is how?

I think this is beyond my area of expertise. Have you searched StackOverflow or any other coding forum?

Yeah i have . I will continue searching .
Thanks for your time i truly appreciate it .