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Nested Collection Views in a Table View

Good morning,

I am stumped and need to help from the community. I am building an app that has a table view. Within this table view there are multiple collection views. Within each collection view I have multiple cells.

For example, a collection view called “Alpha” may have 4 xib’s in it called "Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set4) wherre each contain 2 data elements.

My issue is how access each data element in each collection view such that I can store and retieve the data in something like FireBase?


Any help would be appreciate!

i dont think its a good idea to put a collectionview inside a tableview, makes its very complicated, i’m not even sure if its possible, what i would probably advice is to scrap the table view and just put it (the other exercises) inside a stackview, you can probably also put it inside a scrollview if the space is lacking