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New Courses like Vapour

Hello Chris,
How should I integrate the new courses, like Vapour, that you are introducing with the existing modules. Also with an Mac Book Air M1 will it be able to take the additional programs as suggested?
Thanks, Jaime

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Hi Jaime,

What do you mean by this?

A MacBook Air M1 would be a great computer

Hello Mikaela, I am currently going through the modules of IOS Foundation and then intend to do the IOS Database and Design. My question is how does one integrate these modules with courses like Vapour? Does one complete the modules before starting on the new programs? Thanks

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for the clarification! I would highly recommend doing the database course before learning about Vapor. The design course is really just the UI (user interface) about designing what the app looks like.

The database course is about how to save data to two different databases, Firebase and CoreData.

Vapor is an alternative to Firebase (a cloud database) whereas Core Data is on the device.

Firebase is a service by google where you call their specific code (the API) and it handles saving the data.

Whereas Vapor you write the API yourself and have to design the database yourself, it is much more involved and isn’t for complete beginners. Think of Vapor as a DIY project and Firebase as just buying the item itself.

Does that help?

Thanks Mikaela

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