New Member! Getting Away From App Builders

I apologize if this has already been posted. I tried several different keywords and came up with no results. I, about two years ago, developed an app on a third party website (I won’t name it because i’m not sure if that’s allowed). I have gotten tired of their Customer Service and not getting anywhere with any crashes.

My question is… How do I get away from them? I have a Developer Account through Apple, it is already actively online and my technicians are currently using the app. The website says that there “is no Source Code” Does that mean I will be starting fresh if I no longer want to use them? Is there a way to distance myself from them now that the app is already on the app store?

More than one question, I’m sorry. I am very lost but VERY motivated. I’ve taught myself to code and am more than willing to start over. It has been nearly impossible to find help on a personal level because building websites seems to be more popular than building apps.

I appreciate all the help!

Xcode help !

Developer help for Xcode beta stuff !

You say you have an app on the App Store already, so maybe you don’t need the above?
Xcode is the SWIFT IDE for Apple coding of apps. !

Hummm, Apple uses Xcode as it IDE for Apps development !
If you have an Apple computer you can download Xcode for free !
“The Swift Programming Language” from Apple Books is free it covers Swift programming.

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