New Student Dashboard is Live!

Hey, it’s Chris here.

We just got a new student dashboard on our learning platform!

What’s cool is that it’s publicly accessible so you can check it out without logging in.

If you want to check out some of it’s new features, JC wrote up a blog post of the highlights here.

We’re rolling out even more new features for the learning platform in the coming months:

:computer: Hand-in Projects

We’re going to add a Hand-in project at the end of each course in the Launch Your First App program. This ensures that you get the practice and gain the skills taught in the course. Completing the hand in project earns you a completion certificate!

:mortar_board: Completion Certificates

Long requested and finally coming… Display these completion certificates on your LinkedIn profile or resume.

:dart: Module Recap Emails

To reinforce your new skills after completing each module, I want to send you an email recapping the key takeaways.

:email: Email Series

To keep motivation high and to remind you of your goals, I’m working on an email series for students going through Launch Your First App.

The emails will cover a variety of learning strategies, pitfalls to avoid, success stories and other helpful ideas that’ll complement your journey.

Thanks for learning with us!


The new dashboard looks great, but it doesn’t show which classes I’ve already taken. They all say “Start” even when I’m 100% complete.

Hey Mike, it’s something we’re working on!
Thank you for the heads up and helping us improve the experience :slight_smile: