New to iOS Development

I have been in a non IT background and graduated in Accounts.
But i didnt felt that satisfied
So i thought of switching to iOS Development as my brother got an IT company.
I have been learning since 4 months.
But thing is i have not been productive to him i cant stick to any of the tutorials and at the end i gain very less knowledge
And now i am starting with Chris 28 plan
Any suggestion how i need to go along with it
Earlier i was having little bit knowledge about C language.
Suggestions will be really helpful

Take your time as you follow the tutorials. If anything is not clear then ask questions in the students section.

The best advice I can give you is keep going, not all tutorial works for everyone, I have start and stop more tutorials than I can remember. Just try to identify the best way you learn (video, book,project base, etc) and stick to those types of tutorial. I would recommend that for every topic you learn in the 28 day challenge you do separate practice to help solidified the topics. (Check out Sean Allen and letsBuildThatApp YouTube channel as well)

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Thanku @callmewiz and @Chris_Parker for your advice.

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For people with no coding background at all, the tutorials are pretty aggressive I would think. Coding is kind of like math in that at first you just learn the mechanics and practice by repetition. Once proficient at a basic level you move on - and focus on the new mechanics. And in so doing, the logic and reason of the lower level begins to make more sense.

So it just takes time and devotion. I think you have to ask yourself if you enjoy coding and does it naturally capture your attention? If the answer if yes - then stick with it! If answer is no, maybe it’s not your thing.

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Great advice @linusb! I am new to coding Swift as well. I have a couple passion fun app projects in the App Store and one app that I am working on for a client but I’m still learning everyday.

I often wonder to myself when I can stop looking things up to remember how to exactly do something but I’ve heard that is consistent throughout the process.

One thing I can say is that it is SUPER rewarding when you finish a project or piece of code and you get things working like you want. I like your analogy to math.

Always looking to code better,

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I really enjoy coding and started on a TI994a in 1982! It was a pretty strong passion but I lost focus in college as a comp Sci major and took an entirely different career path. I’m just now trying to get back into it and wish I had more time to focus on it. I’m excited about getting my first app in the App Store!!