New to the application world

Hello everyone I am new to this community and to pretty much all technology. I have recently enrolled into college as a computer science major in the field of cyber security. I joined this group because I had an idea to build an app that deals with security for technology. I know there are apps out there that deal with this. I am curious though and want to give it a go. I am still in my first year but I will be starting my core classes soon. Any help and tips how to get this started would be appreciated

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Welcome to the CWC family! I think that your chosen field in college will really help you in learning iOS app development. Great choice! Anyway, we have a couple of playlists on YouTube to get you started on iOS app development. I would recommend starting here and here Then use this tool ( to know what you need to learn next!

Have fun learning! :slight_smile:

welcome to the group dude! My tip would be don’t try to consume the whole thing at one time, slow and steady wins this race :slight_smile: good luck!

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By the looks of your user ID, you might be or have been an Army guy. I’m an old one here. Been out since 1997 - seems like yesterday. Good luck with your education and feel free to reach out!