New Video: Figma Tutorial for Mobile Design

Hey CodeCrew,

This is a snippet of a longer tutorial where I walkthrough how to put an app design together with Figma (a free browser based design tool).

I realize this clip doesn’t have sound but Discourse doesn’t allow posting of videos. Rest assured that the full video tutorial has sound!

I don’t do app designs very often but whenever I sit down with a graphics tool, it’s a really relaxing experience for me. I think coding may be more of a left-brained activity whereas designing might be more right-brain oriented so it’s a nice change of pace.

Do you spend any time inside of graphics programs? If so, which ones do you use?

To watch the entire 40 min Figma tutorial, click here:


I use invision studio. It’s pretty cool, I also am using the trial of Sketch- still have 11 days left.
I think inVision is great cuz it’s free and can open Sketch files(which will help after the Sketch trial is over).