New Video: Prototype a Mobile App and Build an App Landing Page Using Webflow

Hey CodeCrew!

Over the past weekend, I built an app prototype and marketing landing page for an app idea that Ellen and I have had for the past year.

I was able to do this with a code free website builder called Webflow. They sponsored me to create a video tutorial for them and upon checking their tool out, I was surprised with how good it actually is.

Because the tool limits you to working with actual HTML/CSS constructs, the code that it produces is clean and professional.

This is one instance where I wouldn’t hesitate to use a code free designer.

To see me build the app prototype and website, check out my Webflow demo here ( where I walk you through the creation process step by step!

Have you ever used a code-free builder/designer for games/apps/websites? Comment down below!

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