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Newbie - App Idea Guidance

Dear Chris and team,

I hope you are doing great! I was just needing some guidance from you on my app journey. I wanted to create a simple app where users can journal about their family and friends, add photos, along with random question cards so they can ask each other and make conversations more meaningful, not just around daily small talks. I have been looking at the Apprentice & Performer courses, and feeling quite overwhelmed about which courses I need to learn. Could you please suggest me which specific courses in the CWC+ that are applicable to my current app idea?

Thank you so much!
I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Welcome to the community!

Both would definitely be applicable. You can use either UIKit or SwiftUI, SwiftUI is newer and you may encounter more bugs. UIKit is very mature, but the “older” way to make apps now. However there will be many more answered questions on stackoverflow using UIKit.

I’d look at these, in this order:

  1. iOS foundations
  2. iOS database
  3. YouTube App