NewsApp Api and coreData

Hi guys, while waiting for the coreData new videos, I decided to create an app which is the combination of NewsApp and CoreData. Recently, I ran into a problem which I don’t know how to parse the Json into the core data entities.
My Entity’s name : CharacterService ( without coreData it will be struct CharacterService ). Then I don’t know or have any clues how to use the entity in the CharacterModel to pass the JSON.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

For additional info,
When I created a Core Data database, I created two entities, Character and CharacterService just like the NewsApp. I gave CharacterService an attribute of ‘characters’ with type of Transformable and gave it a custom class of type [Character]. I did not use any relationships. I set them both to None/Manual

I found this really helpful Medium article that solved my problem