Ninjas api offset function

I want to use the offset function from ninja api so I get more results in api calling can someone help me?

What API are you trying to use? Can you drop the link here? Every API is different, so I don’t understand what offset function you’re talking about

im using the dogs api from ninja

Next time link the docs here for the API

You didn’t mention you’re trying to use the dogs API, I can only guess that based on the URL you did provide.

Because the docs don’t say how offset works, I googled “results to offset for pagination api”

Because that’s how it’s phrased “To access more than 20 results, use the offset parameter to offset results in multiple API calls.”

This post explains pretty well how it works

The API comes back with 20 results.
So to get another 5 results, you pass 5 as the offset and make another API call. And after those 2 calls you’d have 25 results

You can get 20 results max for each call, as the docs state

thank you a lot <3