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No developr mode on iOS 16

Hi guys, hope all is well. I’ve redesigned one of my apps and wanted to run on my device. I don’t see Developer mode in my iPhone 13 running 16.3.1. It doesn’t show on my iPad 10th generation on 16.3.1 either. My Xcode version is 14.2. Any idea how I can run my app on the device? Thanks!

Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode

Thanks Mikela, I did that but I don’t see that toggle switch at all, that’s why I posted here :sweat_smile:

What do you see?


As far as I can recall, when you attach your device to your Mac and register it in Xcode as a run destination, access to the Developer Mode is enabled on that device.

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Thanks Chris and mikaelacron. Managed to fix it. For some reason I was connecting the phone to the macbook through a USB adaptor then realised it didn’t need that. Plugged it directly, it works (had to register like you said). Thanks again. Appreciate it!

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