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On the fence - Data in cloud or server and IOS Payment

Hi CWC/Community,

Tried reaching out to care@codewithchris.com but the reply I got is this email it going to CWC billing team and I was advise to post my questions here.

I have watched CWC 3.5 hours youtube tutorial and it erased all my doubts that I can learn and be successful in IOS development. Before going all in in the courses, could CWC or anyone in the community help me on the below?

The two points below is what I foresee will be the hardest for me to do. Will I learn these two items in your courses? Can you provide insight if this is something I can do?

  • Putting data (info, images, etc) in cloud or server so my app can access it around the globe).
  • Payment in the application (credit card, apple pay, etc)


Hi @cliffbenedik

Welcome to the community.

Yes, this is the best place to ask questions regarding coding.

In answer to your first point:

There are a number of Firebase courses that should provide you with enough skills and familiarity with CRUD (CReate, Update and Delete) operations to get you started. So that covers your Cloud option.

There is a course on Vapor 4 which enables you to set up your own API to link to a database so that may be an option for you that is Server based. This is a screenshot of the link to that course on the CWC+ site.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 16.31.47

Second point:

There is a Revenue Cat course which may provide you with what you want in that regard. I have not checked that course out but this is a screenshot of the link to it on the CWC+ website.

Screen Shot 2022-07-15 at 16.18.49

Hope that helps.

Thanks Chris… Will go into those course soon…