Online Shopping Platform

Hey guys! I have started developing an app that will act as a medium between shops and consumers. Am not too well-versed in XCode. Would love to collaborate if anyone is interested!

Hi Devan,

Welcome to the community.

You might want to consider doing one of the courses available on to get yourself acquainted with Xcode and the Swift programming language. This will give you some valuable experience before you start to consider collaborating with someone else.

Hi! Yes of course! I’ve actually started the videos but we have a timeline and it would just be more time efficient if I focused my energy on other aspects of the app. This could be a great way for someone to get experience with a startup and boost their resume!

Hi Devan,

What is your role in the startup and what does the prospective collaborator get out of the association?

I am 1 of 4 Co-Founders. I oversee our operations, a large chunk of my time is spent actually creating the prototype and tending to the website. Depending on what they think of the idea, the prospective collaborator can become either a Chief Technical Officer or they can use this opportunity to get more experience with app development and boost their resume.