Order Form tutorials

Hello. I just found Chris on youtube and just created my first app; the war game using SwiftUI. It was fun. Thanks Chris!

I was wondering if anyone knew of any examples of creating an order form using SwiftUI?

I would like to learn how to then submit the order details.

Check out https://approadmap.io to figure out what you need to learn to build your idea.

Honestly I’d complete the match app and several more tutorials before jumping into your own app idea. You need to know some fundamentals before being able to fabricate something from an idea.

An order form is just a bunch of labels and text boxes. Submitting it would require getting the values that’s in those text boxes and sending them somewhere. Not sure what you mean by submitting, submitting to what?

While I am a big believer to not get stuck in tuts, I agree with @mikaelacaron, do a few more tuts first.

As for submitting orders there are really several ways of doing it. The simplest way is sending the data formated to an email address. The harder one sending it to a database. But unless you a re a giant company I would go with email. since then you get all your orders in one by one and can act on them accordingly.


Thank you both!!! I will take a look at that link and go through some more tutorials.