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Outcast’s iOS Foundations Journey

Documenting my journey in iOS Foundations!

So far so good. Enjoying iOS Foundations, and SwiftUI!

I went to town on M2L5, and was shocked how quickly I was able to put my vision into reality, with my own spin.

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iOS Foundations: Module 4, Lesson 6: Challenge Completed!

Really enjoying this course, both for its challenge and for the progress its giving me. This lesson I got carried away, and put in some really funny data as well. Read it, let me know if you laughed. =)

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Finally mastered this challenge to my satisfaction. I wanted to understand how to gain complete control over the TabView Control, and went above and beyond to add buttons. I am particularly pleased with the simplicity and elegance of the code that I achieved, as you can see on this view of my iPad.

I think it came out looking professional.

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