Overwhelmed about UIKit to SwiftUI capabilities

I created an app for Pickleball users that has been moderately successful. Did it in UIKit. I’m fairly new (this 50+ mom created this first app after watching TONS of Chris videos during pandemic lockdown). Now trying to slowly convert to SwiftUI. Been doing the classes.

Question: Been searching for days on how to do this, and maybe it can’t be done yet, but here it is:

My “My Plan” notes section of app is helped by core data so as to be persistent. How it works: User clicks on “Drills”, then goes to a drill. At top of drill view is “Add to Plan” button. This single button click adds the drill title, drill description, and drill game practice into the “My Plan” list and stores in database. BUT, in UIKit, “My Plan” has a view controller and several IBOutlets that are tied to the “Add to Plan” button. I’ve been trying to find a way to simulate this behavior in SwiftUI to no avail. I’m about to pull my hair out (at least all the grey ones). The image is attached here and I hope they help explain the situation.
If there is a video or written tutorial that might cover any aspect of what I’m trying to do, I’ll gladly study it. I just can’t find anything so far. I know I can have a storyboard file inside SwiftUI but what I’ve read has been for single storyboards, not ones with multiple view controllers. And I’ve been searching for couple weeks on how make a button in one view add text from that view into a notes list in SwiftUI.

Ok so It’s looking like you need to learn Navigation Links, Forms, VStacks, HStacks, a method of your choosing to save the data, which sounds to be CoreData for Swift…

Chris’s Fundamentals courses I’d say is a very good start to getting the knowledge of what you need. Between all the app’s you’ll make with him, you’ll see he does what you’re needing.

Great. I’ve already got some basic learning of nav links, vstacks, hstacks, etc. So, I’ll be looking to dive more into forms and core data for swift. As long as I know that I’ll be able to replicate what I’ve done with UIKit. I’ll signup with CWC and take those courses.

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