Own server with MySQL database: Which course to take to learn about retrieving/storing data


I run a website that makes use of a MySQL database. My goal is to code a mobile app for the website in 2021 and that’s why I am learning Swift (UI).

As I use my own server and have written my own API to have an app make use of it, I will not use Firebase or Real.

My question is: In which course would I learn how to make API calls in Swift to my server to retrieve data from/send data to store on the server?



Sadly we dont have a course with mysql anymore. It is instead recommended to move to other more modern database like firebase

I think you misunderstand me. All I need to know is how I can make a request to a website that answers with a JSON answer.

I think you should see the upcoming video, “The Learning App” in December. That way, you should have plenty of time, and then learn JSON. Look here: Module 5: Learning App

(December 2020)


This Learning App will teach you how to work with JSON data, how to save user state and more!

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It is coming soon in SwiftUI Foundations.

Thanks for that! Where did you find that information?

Go To CodeWithChris, and then click on iOS Foundations (SWIFTUI) and then click welcome, and release schedule in CodeWithChris, it should be coming soon

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you probably only just need a combination of SwiftyJSON and Alamofire

here is a quick tutorial for it