Pagasi Journal starting the beginner classes!

So I finished the first 3 classes and exercises today, my brain felt like mush afterwards so I had to take a break. :laughing: I’ve been looking forward to taking the class for several months now since I found the YouTube channel but did not yet have a Mac to work on! My PC was too old to handle the Mac OS so I just had to save up and wait sigh. But now I’m up and running! tonight I rest my brain, and tomorrow, let there be WAR! … app… war app, let there be a war ap-you get it…


three days in! I just finished my war app, posted it on the badge page. Everything seems to be going fairly smoothly. Theres a bit of a brain strain getting from the Classes are these overarching collection of functions/methods to: classes are pretty much the settings on the visual side. lol but I think I’m connecting all the dots as best as possible for the moment. There goes my Monday, rest of the day goes to the real job lol. Later!

I suppose I should mention why I’m here in the first place to hold myself accountable and all. I’ve had this vision of writing apps to use for my piano teaching business. I keep getting app ideas and I’m just not willing to pay a developer to write them… so instead I spent $1,400 on this Mac Pro lol! DOH! Anyways I plan to write the first app as a simple music flashcard app just to ease my way in. from what I know already I don’t think it will be very difficult at all. And then write other apps for my students where I see they need them. One specifically for reading by interval instead of by letter. Eventually I’m thinking about writing my own digital lesson plans and having an accompanying app to go with it lesson by lesson. WAY Down the road I have a vision of a crazy app that encourages practice by recording their practice time, and relaying it to the teacher to give credit in the form of in game money to grow an in game village of some sort. Don’t know if it would even work, but its sort of the end goal for now. And that sort of app would most likely need a good team of developers to keep it from looking like straight crap lol. Who knows! First things first, on to lesson 11!!

On the protocol and delegate lesson, wow that’s the first time I got completely lost. I suspect because there’s lots of things going on that Chris doesn’t stop and explain because it would drag out the lesson endlessly. I’ve watched the lesson twice now, starting to feel better about it, but as far as getting the card info and how it relays it to the collection view… geez that’s rough

Great to hear your story!

The Quiz app from the foundations course could really help you make your flash card game!

Honestly delegates and protocols still confuse me. (I’ve been developing iOS for about a year and a half) I’d recommend looking at different tutorials that explain the same concept!

WOW that’s super helpful thank you so much! I’ll dive into that video as well as simply practice the supplemental homework for Chris’ video and even if I don’t understand it perfectly at least I’ll be able to follow the motions for now… I may spend a good few days on this

Hi Whitney,

You will find that Sean talks really fast so you might have to go over the video a couple of times to catch anything you might have missed.

Lol yes I definitely found that he talked fast, I am a teacher myself and I find that when I think my student understands everything I’m saying I talk very fast as well, thank God Chris seems to understand that I don’t understand anything and is patiently explaining slowly and restating points as well as giving exercises or I’d already be way lost lol

Frankly I’ve watched three different videos on protocol and delegate now and I’m pretty sure that there just needed to be a few other concepts hit on before jumping in that deep end. I suspect with future lessons I’d be able to wrap my heat around the details of how it’s doing what it’s doing. I get the sense that Chris just wants to do this so that the app will work and get into the gritty details later. As long as we understand what all the fancy code is doing in a general sense

Perhaps you need a pictorial representation of the process so that you can see the relationship between the Protocol and how the delegate of that protocol works between the two ViewControllers. I know that theory often escapes me until I see a practical application of that theory.

Actually thankfully I can already see the visual… mostly anyways, but it’s more of “where did parameters come from” and “how does this block of code do what Chris says it does?” Problem types which I’m sure he will get into at some point in the future

Which video exactly are you talking about?

okay, I just did all but the last video, almost done! hopefully I’ll find time tomorrow! Theres a ton of things in there that I understand what Chris is doing, but couldn’t replicate it if I was on my own, but I suppose that’s normal, looking forward to finishing and possibly getting into CWC+ after, we shall see! Theres other free CWC videos I’m considering looking into before jumping into the paywall.

Whelp! I did it! I finished the war and Match apps! I binged them too fast and that may be to my detriment, I wasn’t really comprehending fully on the last few days. I’ll post the pic of the match app later. Now I’m just confused about what the difference is between the flagship and CWC+. Which I’m sure is a very common question so I’ll go look around here for the answer. I’m looking for more “here’s a concept in depth, now here’s some practice exercises” type thing which kinda gets lost when trying to polish off a new app but I also understand the need for the milestones to motivate and not get overwhelmed…

hmmmm… I just bought the CWC course and it emailed me a link that now gives me an error saying that if I’m not Pagasi I should sign out and relog

Edit: oh right! I signed up here with one email address and there with another, yeah the system probably didn’t like that. Sent in a ticket hopefully it’s fixed soon

success!! my community account can now access the CWC+ features and I’m cranking into Module 5 later tonight or tomorrow! yay!! I’m definitely gonna slow the pace a bit, maybe one video a day or so for a while, I have tons of catching up to do on my piano teaching and parenting. New baby will be here Sept 8th… August is like… pretty much here already. geez! We worked on the baby room over the weekend, its starting to come together… here’s hoping I can keep it all together and keep taking classes, because I really do want to succeed here to at least be able to write the basic apps that I want for lessons. Here’s to not letting it become too overwhelming.

Great to hear!!
Lots of stuff coming up it sounds like.

I would 100% suggest only watching one video a day! It helps you to understand all the concepts and really solidly them rather than blasting through tutorials

Okay so the first video was just the intro to the quiz app, so I may have watched the second one as well… already breaking my own rules lol. Not only that but it was back to the deep end of the pool with protocols and delegates! So I ended up having to watch it twice. Once to type up the code and then stare at it uncomprehending for about 20 minutes, then again to break down exactly how it worked while following along. On the upside I understand what he’s saying about the time delay purpose of the protocol and delegate… on the downside, I really don’t think I could make my own protocol and delegate yet. I definitely need more practice here.

No worries! I took a day off just to compensate for taking two classes yesterday! lol I’m lying, I took a day off because I just woke up in a funk and decided to just watch TV all day and wallow in my feelings so that today I could wake up ready to work! lol it kinda worked. I did get to do some JSON today! that was very exciting! I’m enjoying the quiz app!

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